In this unit you will...

  • Know and develop the basic technical, tactical and regulatory elements of volleyball through continuous practice.
  • Develop physical and specific motor skills applied to the practice of volleyball, improving your level of ability.
  • Participate, regardless of the skill level achieved, in the proposed activities showing cooperative and respectful attitudes.
  • Accept your own limitations, developing an attitude of personal improvement towards them.
  • Learn how sport can change people´s life all around the world.

Learning resources

Below these lines you will learn the secrets of the overhead set pass and the forearm bump pass. Not only the pictures will be helpful for you to master both techniques, but also will be useful for the online exam.


Ninh explains in just 3 minutes the main rules you should know before playing volleyball. 

Evaluation system

Active participation 20%

Daily note of your participation in class. Do you wear sports clothes to class? Do you give the maximum within your possibilities? Are you respectful with colleagues / material / teachers?

Practical test

Real volleyball match 6vs6 with player positions.

Online learning

Observe and analyze all the learning resources. After that, click on the button below this lines and complete the end of unit task.

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