In this unit you will...

  • Learn how to test your skill related component of fitness throughout practical experience.
  • Identify your strengths and work towards building on these and improving other areas.
  • Participate, regardless of the skill level achieved, in the proposed activities showing cooperative and respectful attitudes.
  • Know how much physical activity is recommended for children and youth.

Learning resources

The first resource is an interactive table. Click on the different elements located in the left column and you will find:

– All the tests to be done in class these days, and the health related component or motor skill measured in them.

– Training plans, ideas and exercises to improve your physical condition and consequently your results in the tests. 

In these two images you can find the amount of physical activity recommended for your age range. 

As you can see it is not difficult to find your own strategies to increase your daily physical activity. 

Evaluation system

Active participation 20%

Daily note of your participation in class. Do you wear sports clothes to class? Do you give the maximum within your possibilities? Are you respectful with colleagues / material / teachers?

Practical test

In pairs, complete the worksheet following the instructions in each test/station. Once completed give it back to your teacher.

Online learning

Observe and analyze all the learning resources. After that, click on the button below this lines and complete the end of unit task.

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