In this unit you will..

  • Know the basic regulatory, tactical and technical aspects of handball
  • Increase your movement possibilities by conditioning and improving your basic physical skills.
  • Develop physical skills and specific motor skills applied to the practice of handball, improving your level of dexterity.
  • Participate, regardless of your own skill level in the proposed activities, showing cooperative and respectful attitudes.
  • Value cooperation as a fundamental element in obtaining success in games and collective sports.

Learning resources

Was Handball and Football so different in their origins? In this video you will learn more about the «shared» history of handball and football.


In this video the author explains the most important rules of handball in 3 minutes. 


Game positions in a 3: 3 system. Which one would you like to master?

to master*= be really skilled or talented in something

Evaluation system

Active participation 20%

Daily note of your participation in class. Do you wear sports clothes to class? Do you give the maximum within your possibilities? Are you respectful with colleagues / material / teachers?

Practical test

Handball match 7vs7 with player positions. Do you want to increase your mark? Click below to see what aspects will be evaluated.

Online learning

Observe and analyze all the learning resources. After that, click on the button below this lines and complete the end of unit task.

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