In this unit you will...

  • Know and develop the basic technical, tactical and regulatory elements of badminton through continuous practice.
  • Develop physical skills and specific motor skills applied to the practice of badminton, improving your level of skill.
  • Participate, regardless of the skill level achieved, in the proposed activities showing cooperative and respectful attitudes.
  • Accept your own limitations, developing an attitude of personal improvement towards them.

Learning resources

Ninh explains in just 3 minutes the main rules you should know before playing badminton. 


What strategy should we adopt to win an individual match? Find in the following video some ideas to improve your badminton game skills.


How to choose the correct stroke?  ¿Cómo escoger el golpe adecuado?

Carolina Marín, European, world and Olympic champion. One of the best players in the history of badminton was born in Spain. Discover the story behind the legend.

El visionado de este último vídeo es opcional No es obligatorio para completar el test final de evaluación.

Evaluation system

Active participation 20%

Daily note of your participation in class. Do you wear sports clothes to class? Do you give the maximum within your possibilities? Are you respectful with colleagues / material / teachers?

Practical test

Doubles tournament. You will be examined during a match. Do you want to increase your mark? Click below to see what aspects will be evaluated.

Online learning

Observe and analyze all the learning resources. After that, click on the button below this lines and complete the end of unit task.

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